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research and teaching


Since July 2017, Steph has been affiliated with Covenant Theological Seminary as a Research Fellow in Disability Ministries and a Visiting Instructor for the Educational Ministries Department. 

In addition to serving as a resource for the Covenant Seminary faculty and students on disability-related issues, Steph continues to do research on, write about, and speak regarding disability-related issues as they relate to the family, the church, and the culture-at-large. She is currently writing for the enCourage blog (PCA Women's Ministries) and also for the Special Needs Parenting blog (Key Ministry). Steph recently released a 31-day-devotional on Parenting & Disabilities: Abiding in God's Presence in October 2021 through P&R Publishing. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the Wheaton Center on Faith & Disability.

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